DC School Leadership Standards Project

The DC School Leadership Standards Project is a multiyear initiative supporting the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) in Washington DC in strengthening their principal supports for charter districts.

OSSE recognizes that principals matter in moving educational policies and improving learning for all, but 32 percent of principals leave DC schools each year. This “leadership churn” makes is difficult for student learning improvement efforts to take hold in schools. Improved principal support could reduce leadership churn, but many DC-based LEAs have limited capacity to provide leadership supports.

To support OSSE in addressing this challenge, in 2017, the GTL Center supported OSSE to engage stakeholders to inform the development of model school leadership standards, modifying the Professional Standards for Education Leaders to align to the DC context.

Going forward, OSSE and the GTL Center are engaging with DC charter school stakeholders to develop principal talent management policies and practices aligned to the new standards.

The next phase of the work includes refinement of a principal recruitment and hiring protocol that draws upon the DC leadership standards. The protocol supports charter districts in selecting and hiring school leaders that have the knowledge and skills required to effectively lead DC schools. Once the protocol is finalized, the GTL Center will support OSSE in training charter school human resources staff to leverage the protocol in the field to strengthen their principal recruitment and hiring processes.


Dana Chambers

Dana Chambers

Principal Technical Assistance Consultant, AIR
Deputy Director, GTL Center


Tammie Knights

Tammie Knights

Principal Technical Assistance Consultant, AIR
GTL Center


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