Module 5. The Role of the Principal in Mentoring & Induction

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Module 5—The Role of the Principal in Mentoring & Induction—provides guidance on the role of the principal in mentoring and induction. The module explores resources to help states, districts, and schools support effective principal leadership for mentoring and induction programs in turnaround schools.

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M&I Toolkit
Introduction to the Toolkit
Mentor Recruitment, Selection & Assignment
Mentor Professional Learning, Development & Assessment
Beginning Teacher Professional Learning & Development
The Principal's Role in Mentoring & Induction
M&I Supports for Educators of Students with Disabilities
Collecting Evidence of Program Success
Collecting Evidence of Program Success

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Support for Customizing the Toolkit

Request technical assistance support to access the Toolkit files as Word documents or to receive a one-on-one consultation with GTL Center experts to learn more about how your state can create strong supports for new teachers through comprehensive mentoring and induction. After completing the technical assistance request form, GTL staff will reach out to help your team identify and customize the right resources from the toolkit to achieve your state’s mentoring and induction priorities.