Component 8: Evaluating the System

Systematically evaluating the performance of the evaluation model in terms of its goals and results and modifying its structure, processes, or format accordingly assures system efficacy and sustainability. States need to identify the factors that will determine whether the system is effective. For example, the state and districts will want to know whether:

  • Stakeholders value and understand the system.
  • Student performance is improved.
  • Teacher practice is affected.
  • Teacher retention is improved.
  • The system is implemented with fidelity.

States have used external and internal review processes to collect and analyze data or a combination of both. Surveys of teachers, administrators, and stakeholders may be valuable for this process. Ultimately, researchers should work closely with stakeholders to ensure that the design allows important questions to be answered.


Evaluation process

Guiding Questions

Effectiveness outcomes

Guiding Questions

Other apsects of
teacher quality


Guiding Questions

  • Has a process been developed to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of the teacher evaluation model?
  • How will the stakeholders know whether the new teacher evaluation model is effective?
  • Has the model been piloted or are there plans to pilot the model prior to statewide or districtwide implementation?
  • Is there a plan for securing stakeholder and participant feedback?
  • Will research be conducted in conjunction with implementation to provide validation?
  • Are the goals of the evaluation system a good measure of effectiveness?
  • Will research be conducted to determine whether there is correlation between growth model scores and observation ratings?
  • Have outcomes to determine the overall effectiveness of the evaluation system been established?
  • Have the stakeholders identified factors that should be considered in determining whether the evaluation system is effective (e.g., participant satisfaction, improved teacher practice, other improved student outcomes)?
  • Are resources available to conduct an internal or external assessment of the evaluation model?
  • Has the data infrastructure been established to track data over a period of time to determine teacher and student growth?
  • Have explicit benchmarks or targets been established to determine effectiveness?
  • In review of baseline data, what would be acceptable performance targets?
  • Will other aspects of teacher quality that affect teacher performance be reviewed to determine whether they have been influenced by the evaluation system?
  • If the teacher evaluation plan includes modifications in tenure, promotion, or compensation, how will the state conduct research to determine the level of effectiveness on teacher retention and improved teacher capacity?
  • Will the teacher evaluation plan include working in collaboration with teacher preparation programs to ensure that candidates are prepared with the competencies for which they will be held accountable when they begin teaching?
  • Will data be collected on teacher effectiveness to determine whether effective teachers are equally distributed throughout the state--including both high-performing and low-performing schools?
  • Will research be conducted to determine whether professional development efforts have resulted in improved teacher practice and student outcomes?


Evaluating a Teacher Effectiveness System

The resources presented in this section demonstrate how a state or district can evaluate its teacher effectiveness system to further enhance design and implementation.

Evaluation of the Excellence in Teaching Pilot Year 1 Report to The Joyce Foundation

Conducting a Cost Analysis for Educational Policies: Teacher Effectiveness


The GTL Center is building an online repository of expert panel reviews of
real-life teacher evaluation models operated by districts throughout the country.

For each district included, you can view, per component, a description of how that district approached the many issues involved.

To view these real-life models, visit the Teacher Evaluation Models in Practice portion of the GTL Center website.

  • First, click on View the Models in the table of contents.
  • Click one or more districts.
  • Then, select Component 8.