Working Conditions

First-Year Principals in Urban Districts: How Actions and Working Conditions Relate to Outcomes

This RAND report examines the actions and working conditions experienced by first-year principals and connects these factors to subsequent school achievement and principal retention. By researching the experiences of first-year principals in six districts, the report seeks to understand relationships among student achievement outcomes, new principals’ likelihood of staying at their schools and their reports about school conditions, attitudes, and their own practices.

Keeping Irreplaceables in D.C. Public Schools

The New Teacher Project’s case study provides an in-depth look at retention strategies that it first examined in The Irreplaceables and specifically examines how these strategies are being executed in District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). The paper illustrates how DCPS, by raising expectations and removing consistently low-performing teachers, has progressed toward more effective teacher retention.

6th Annual Great Teachers for Our City Schools National Summit

The Great Teachers National Summit brought together key stakeholders to discuss ongoing concerns with teacher effectiveness in urban settings.

Identifying Professional Contexts to Support Highly Effective Teachers

This Key Issue is a searchable document that allows a user to hone in on specific processes and/or targeted resources that support or provide evidence for strategies related to educator quality. This Key Issue specifically focuses on the professional contexts that best support highly effective teachers. Audiences include regional comprehensive center, state education agency, and local education agency personnel; principals, researchers, people new to the field, and policymakers.

Presentation (Gen Y Teachers) to Western Regional SIG Conference

Gen Y Teachers bring unique benefits and interests in the workplace and this presentation gives guidance on the best strategies to recruit, retain, and develop these teachers.


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