The New GTL Center

Great Educators for the Students Who Need Them Most

From 2012-2019, the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center) was a national content center under the federally funded Comprehensive Center Network, providing support to state education agencies and districts in all 50 states. Today, AIR continues to operate the GTL Center and offer services across a range of core evidence-based talent management strategies. Discover what the new GTL Center has to offer.


What We Do

We offer three tiers of services—from expert consultation to full-service supports—that we tailor to help states and their districts select and implement evidence-based, talent management strategies.

Guiding Principles

Why We Do It

Transformation requires an intentional effort to target and prioritize evidence-based strategies for educators who support students in underserved schools. We keep six guiding principles at the heart of every project. The principles ensure we maximize impact, regardless of context.

Recent Projects

Where We Work

We've supported all 50 states and worked with multiple districts, often through cross-state and district collaborations. We are experts at bringing together state education agencies, regional partners, and districts to achieve results.