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An effective educator workforce is a diverse educator workforce, reflecting the students they serve


A Diverse Educator Workforce Matters

An effective workforce is a diverse workforce: Research has shown that outcomes for all students improve when teachers reflect the diversity of the student body. Diverse teachers improve academic achievement, graduation rates, college enrollment, and other measures of success for all students, particularly students of color. Diversifying the educator workforce is an important strategy for ensuring that all students, particularly students of color, have access to effective instruction.

We offer easy-to-use, practitioner-friendly data tools and a field-tested process to support states, preparation programs, and districts in efforts to ensure a diverse, effective educator workforce for the students who need it most.

Top Resources

Insights on Diversifying the Educator Workforce: A Data Tool for Practitioners

A free, user-friendly, Excel-based tool, this resource is the foundation for a data-driven process to help users identify and visualize the development of educator diversity gaps across the entire career continuum.  

  • Users enter their own data and the tool automatically generates easy-to-understand graphs and charts. 
  • State, district, school, and preparation program leaders can use the tool to ground a deeper, data-rich conversation with planning teams and stakeholders. 
  • The data tool also includes a geographic information systems (GIS) component to support place-based analysis. 

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Webinar Series: Beyond Selection and Hiring: Diversifying the Educator Workforce by Eliminating Barriers and Creating Pathways Throughout the Pipeline

Learn from the GTL Center about how to confront systemic inequities across the career continuum—from attracting students of color to the profession to preparing, developing, supporting, and retaining them. In this three-part webinar series, we  consider how we can change our systems—not just to recruit more teachers of color, but also to dismantle the inequitable and exclusionary practices that push teachers of color out of classrooms in the first place.

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Featured Project


Ohio Department of Education

Diversifying the Educator Workforce

Diversifying the Educator Workforce in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Education worked with a group of 40 stakeholders as well as the GTL Center and the Great Lakes Comprehensive Center to develop concrete strategies for diversifying the state's educator workforce. Using the GTL Center's Diversifying the Educator Workforce Data Tool, the group is completing a four-step process that starts with first examining the state's educator workforce data to identify diversity gaps and exploring the root causes behind those gaps. 

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GTL Center Services for Diversifying the Educator Workforce

Our services are tied to concrete, measurable outcomes for states and districts and are informed by our extensive work across the United States in the past decade. For states interested in diversifying the educator workforce, we offer two service levels—exploring and investing—that can be customized and tailored to your unique needs and starting point.

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Interested in better understanding equitable access? We offer short-term engagements to build your knowledge and expertise, including:

  • Expert consultation or subject matter experts to support knowledge building
  • Presentations or keynote speakers to provide a detailed overview of the evidence and national picture regarding diversity in the educator workforce
  • Single-day workshops to explore initial statewide data or provide an overview of the data tool


Ready to invest in diversifying the educator workforce in your state? We offer packages for 5+ day, on-site workshops to support your team in:

  • Analyzing data and engaging stakeholders to identify challenges and root causes for a lack of diversity in the educator workforce
  • Selecting and prioritizing evidence-based strategies to address your state or district’s identified root causes
  • Applying the GTL Center’s READI Framework to ensure that the identified strategies target and benefit the educators and students impacted by diversity gaps