Leverage Federal Funding

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) offers states the opportunity to take a new approach to using federal funds to better prepare, develop, recruit, and retain great educators for all students. By engaging in this critical work, states can align ESSA consolidated planning with existing efforts to improve equitable access to great educators, and improve the overall equity of their state education systems.

The GTL Center is pleased to offer states a quick and easy platform to access all our resources that align with consolidated planning around teachers and leaders.  Although educators are addressed in multiple areas within ESSA, the menu options below offer resources aligned the five most common strategies that states cited within their ESSA plans. Use the menu below to identify resources to support your state in efficiently and effectively allocating funds to improve your students’ access to great educators. All the resources provided on this page were produced using the best available evidence (at the time of publication) about how to better equip all schools with effective leaders and all classrooms with effective teachers. For resources focused specifically on Equitable Access Plan Implementation, please visit Equitable Access Supports.