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Elevate great teachers to strengthen the educator workforce and support schools and communities

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Build Better Opportunities for Teachers to Lead

Teacher leadership is an effective and sustainable strategy for strengthening schools and communities. Whether through a formal teacher leader role, opportunities for teacher voice and engagement, or self-led professional advancement, teacher leadership can lead to improvements in instruction, student supports, school improvement, and long-term improvements in the educator workforce.

We have supported more than 20 states in taking concrete actionsto support and foster teacher leadership in their unique context. To support and foster teacher leadership in your context, please feel free to explore our free teacher leadership toolkit, self-assessment, and research briefs. Please also contact us to learn more about the supporting services we offer to help states and districts expand opportunities for teachers lead without leaving their classrooms.

Top Resources

Teacher Leadership Toolkit 2.0

Looking to take action on teacher leadership but not sure where to start? Use the toolkit to drive planning and decision-making, while building knowledge with stakeholders and colleagues. Our toolkit includes:

  • Ten resources exploring key aspects of teacher leadership initiatives at the national, state, and local levels
  • A synthesis of current research and evidence about the effectiveness of teacher leadership, 
  • Current examples of different types of teacher leadership models
  • Useful tools for designing, implementing, and supporting teacher leadership initiatives. 

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Teacher Leadership Self-Assessment and Readiness Tools

Our teacher leadership self-assessment and readiness tools can help states, districts, and teachers determine how prepared they are to implement or participate in a teacher leadership opportunity. 

Developed in collaboration and consultation with the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance, REL Midwest, the tools are based on a review of the teacher leadership literature and stakeholder input. Educators can use these tools on their own, or with colleagues.

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GTL Center Services for Teacher Leadership

We offer an evidence-based approach and a set of field-tested resources that our team has used to support multiple states and districts in developing and refining their approach to fostering teacher leadership. We can help your team identify the kinds of teacher leadership opportunities or models appropriate to your local context and needs. We offer two service levels, which can be customized and tailored to your unique needs and starting point:

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Interested in better understanding teacher leadership models and opportunities? We offer short-term engagements to build your knowledge and expertise, including:

  • Expert consultation or subject matter experts to support knowledge-building on teacher leadership opportunities.
  • Presentations or keynote speakers to provide a detailed overview of the evidence and national picture around teacher leadership.
  • Single-day workshops to guide leaders through a planning process for implementing, expanding, or refining current teacher leadership opportunities.  


Ready to invest in teacher leadership opportunities in your state and districts? We offer packages for 3+ day, on-site workshops to support your team in: 

  • Professional learning for teachers, teacher leaders, and school leaders on teacher leaders' skills and role within school systems
  • Action planning for early implementation to pilot or field test strategies. 
  • Progress monitoring to refine and improve implementation.