About the Professional Learning Modules

Authored by veteran technical assistance providers and experts, the GTL Center’s Professional Learning Modules provide content-rich, train-the-trainer materials designed to build the knowledge and capacity of regional center and state education agency personnel.

Materials.  Inclusive within these modules are the materials that trainers need in order to conduct the professional learning activities independently:

  • Facilitator’s guide
  • Meeting agenda with recommended time allotments
  • Slide presentation
  • Professional learning activity handouts

Services.  The modules are designed to be adapted and customized to meet your state’s context and needs.  You can request copies of the materials in Microsoft Word format by e-mailing gtlcenter@air.org.  In addition, the GTL Center can provide the following services to support your use of these modules:

  • Facilitate online or in-person “train-the-trainer” work session with regional comprehensive center staff or state education agency teams.
  • Assist regional comprehensive center staff as they support the customization of these materials to ensure a good fit with state and local contexts.