Introduction to Student Learning Objectives

Designed as blueprint for training, this module can be used by state leaders and regional center staff to support district-level staff who are new to SLOs and in the early stages of implementation. In this module, you will learn about the following:

  • SLO cycles
  • State approaches for creating SLO guidance for districts
  • Writing and reviewing SLOs
  • Technical and implementation challenges

The module provides seven hours of material, including hands-on activities, which can be adapted and customized to your state’s context and needs. Download PDF copies of each file below, or request copies of the materials in a Word format by sending an e-mail to

Facilitator's Guide




Note on Adapting the Modules

The modules are designed so that facilitators can adopt them as written or modify the content to reflect state and local context, needs, and priorities.

If modifications to content are made, the GTL Center requests that the following disclaimer be included in the revised materials: The materials were modified in whole or in part with permission from the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders.