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We help you build a diverse, talented educator workforce for the schools who need them most.

What is Your Educator Talent Challenge?

You know the unique strengths and unique challenges your schools face in attracting and retaining effective and diverse teams of educators. 

You need a partner who can help you capitalize on those unique strengths while using data, research, and stakeholder insights to tackle your hardest challenges head on. 

From targeted, virtual consultations to intensive, shoulder-to-shoulder coaching, we customize our services to your exact needs. Our services cover high-impact, evidence-based strategies that we know transform students' access to great teachers and leaders. 

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Interested in exploring an evidence-based strategy? We offer short-term engagements to build your knowledge and expertise.

Services You Can Request:

  • Expert consultation: Facilitation for a half or full day of virtual or on-site expert consultation to introduce a strategy and tool.
  • SMEs: Provide a "critical friend" or subject matter expert (SME) at a conference or meeting. 
  • Event presentations: Deliver a keynote or presentation at a conference or event.
  • Workshops: Deliver and facilitate a knowledge-building workshop for a state or district team.  





Ready to invest in a strategy? We offer packages for 5+-day, on-site sessions to support your team in strategy selection, design, and implementation.

Services You Can Request:

Selecting and prioritizing evidence-based interventions through:

  • Needs sensing and stakeholder engagement
  • Data analysis and co-interpretationSM
  • Root cause analysis

Early implementation planning through:

  • Action planning
  • Logic model development
  • Monitoring plan development

Continuous improvement:

  • Reflecting on progress and course correction
  • Planning for sustainability and scale-up


Looking for a partner for the long haul? We offer long-term, on-the-ground supports for program planning, piloting, continuous improvement, and program evaluation.

Services You Can Request:

  • Full-service supports for side-by-side design and customization of evidence-based strategies, including action planning and implementation planning.
  • Train-the-trainer services to build and scale your team's capacity and expertise and improve sustainability.
  • Program evaluation and continuous improvement to ensure evidence-based talent management strategies are achieving their intended outcomes, including the following:
    • Data collection
    • Instrument design
    • Survey administration
    • Reporting


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