Advance Impact Through Evaluation

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Advance Impact
Through Evaluation

Leverage transformational change with rigorous culturally responsive evaluation for addressing key questions related to the teacher workforce


Rigourous Evaluation Requires Cultural Responsiveness

We support states and districts as they examine the impacts of programs and policies. We approach evaluation with a lens toward cultural responsivity and community engagement. We rely on cutting edge quantitative and qualitative methods to drive continuous improvement that is tailored to local contexts. Evaluation is developed in collaboration with stakeholders, action-oriented, and can include:

  • Rigorous randomization and quasi-experimental evaluation designs to identify impacts on key outcomes;
  • In-depth qualitative research focused on implementation and understanding the mechanisms that lead to outcomes; and
  • Research literature reviews and meta-analyses to build fundamental knowledge on topics of interest.

Featured Project

Professional Learning Standards’ Association With Teacher Instruction and Student Achievement: A Meta-Analysis

While developing their revised Standards for Professional Learning, Learning Forward desired research evidence as part of the information that would guide their work, accompanied by input from field-based stakeholders. The GTL Center examined how prior and newly revised standards were reflected in the research and associated with teacher and student outcomes.

The GTL Center conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to address the research questions. The meta-analysis included 48 studies and 52 teacher professional learning programs, published between 2010 and 2020.

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GTL Center Services for Evaluation

We offer an evidence-based approach and a set of field-tested resources that our team has used to support multiple states and districts in developing and refining their approach to advancing impact through evaluation. We can help your team identify the kinds of evaluation opportunities or models appropriate to your local context and needs. We offer two service levels, which can be customized and tailored to your unique needs and starting point:

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Interested in better understanding evaluation opportunities? We offer short-term engagements to build your knowledge and expertise, including:

  • Expert consultation or subject matter experts to support knowledge-building on evaluation.
  • Presentations or keynote speakers to provide a detailed overview of the evidence and national picture around evaluation.
  • Single-day workshops to guide leaders through a planning process for implementing, expanding, or refining current opportunities.  


Ready to invest in evaluation opportunities in your state and districts? We offer packages for 3+ day, on-site workshops to support your team in: 

  • Professional learning for teachers, teacher leaders, and school leaders on evaluation
  • Action planning for early implementation to pilot or field test strategies. 
  • Progress monitoring to refine and improve implementation.