Grow Your Own Programs

Texas Education Agency Grow Your Own Grant Program

This grant program helps local education agencies in Texas establish Grow Your Own programs with a focus on developing high-quality education and training courses at the high school level to increase the recruitment pipeline and attract diverse teacher candidates.

Colorado Rural Teaching Fellowship

This program helps address teacher shortages in rural Colorado schools by offering a fellowship to teacher candidates who complete their clinical experience in a rural school district.

Texas Tech University "TechTeach Across Texas" 2+1 Model

TechTeach Across Texas is a one-year teacher preparation program combining focused clinical experiences with applicable online courses in district-based partnerships around the state. TechTeach Across Texas allows students to complete a Bachelor of Science degree and earn teacher certification in one calendar year.

Tennessee Department of Education Diversity Innovation Implementation Grants

This grant supports the Tennessee Department of Education's effort to increase the diversity of the educator workforce by providing awards to school districts to create Grow Your Own programs aimed at recruiting minority teachers.

Grow Your Own Teachers: Enhancing Educator Pathways to Address Teacher Shortage and Increase Diversity

This report presents data demonstrating teacher shortage needs and potential opportunities to strengthen workforce development through Grow Your Own programs. The report includes mini case studies of statewide implementation and sustainability of Grow Your Own programs in Washington state and a toolkit of recommended strategies for growing and sustaining programs.

Teacher Pipelines: Career Pathways Extending from High School to Community College to University

This article describes efforts at three community colleges to implement pathways for K-12 teaching careers, including implementation strategies such as high school dual enrollment and outcomes related to college transition such as the need for remedial courses.

Grow Your Own: A Systemic Approach to Securing an Effective Educator Talent Pool

This series of four professional learning modules from the College & Career Readiness & Success Center and partners supports state education agencies, local education agencies, educator preparation programs, and community organizations interested in developing and implementing Grow Your Own programs in their state, region, or district.


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