Etai Mizrav

Equity & Talent Development Coherence Lead
Etai Mizrav

Etai Mizrav, Equity & Talent Development Coherence Lead

Etai Mizrav, M.A., is a senior technical assistance consultant at the American Institutes for Research (AIR). He has 6 years of experience working on equity in education at the state and district levels by designing evidence-based policies and implementing practical programs that can improve equity in education, particularly equitable access to effective educators.  At the GTL Center, Mizrav directs the Equitable Access and Diversifying the Educator Workforce projects and shapes the equity focus across all the center’s projects. He creates user-friendly, evidence-based resources and consults directly with states and districts in Connecticut, Ohio, Texas, Mississippi, Nebraska and other states on promoting equity and diversity across the educator career continuum. Mizrav is an expert in helping states, districts, and stakeholders through the process of identifying root causes of achievement and access gaps and selecting evidence-based policies and programs that will address them. Most recently, he developed Insights on Diversifying the Educator Workforce: A Data Tool for Practitioners, an Excel-based tool that has helped dozens of states, districts, and schools identify and visualize diversity gaps across the entire educator career continuum.

In addition, Mizrav consults on several regional comprehensive centers including the Midwest Comprehensive Center, the Texas Comprehensive Center, and the Southeast Comprehensive Center on projects related to equity in education such as equitable access to teachers, diversifying the educator workforce, school accountability, school improvement, and reform planning in urban and rural settings. 

Previously, Mr. Mizrav was the Manager of Education Policy and Equity for the Washington, D.C., Office of the State Superintendent of Education, where he was the state lead and writer of the D.C. State Education Plan (The Elementary and Secondary Education Act Waiver), and the DC Plan for Equitable Access to Excellent Educators. Mr. Mizrav also developed the DC Staffing Data Collaborative, an innovative model for supporting high-need districts in developing human capital data infrastructure to inform strategic action. The model was utilized by over 95% of public schools in Washington DC, including all schools identified as low-performing. Mr. Mizrav holds a masters degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University.

Etai's Recent Highlights

Resource: Insights on Diversifying the Educator Workforce: A Data Tool for Practitioners. Center on Great Teachers and Leaders. November 2018. 

Presentation: Identifying and Dismantling Drivers of Gaps and Segregation. Presented at the Southeast Comprehensive Center Equity Summit, Jackson, MS, November 2018

Presentation: Identifying and Addressing Teacher Equity Gaps. Presented at the Teaching, Learning and Leading Collaborative Convening, New Orleans, LA. April 2018

Presentation: Insights on Diversifying the Educator Workforce: Data Tool for Practitioners. Presented at The Diverse and Learner-Ready Teachers Initiative National Convening, Omaha, NE, March 2019

Presentation: Promise and Perils of Data Use in Schools. Presented at the Yale School of Management’s annual Education Leadership Conference, New Haven, CT, March 2019