Ensuring High-Quality Teacher Talent

This report examines ways districts can work with teacher preparation programs to ensure all students have access to high-quality teachers. A roadmap for how districts and teacher preparation programs may work together is included, along with 10 key recommendations and accompanying examples of effective partnerships.

Teacher Retention, Mobility and Attrition in Kentucky Public Schools From 2008 to 2012

In an analysis of state-level data, this study on teacher retention in Kentucky found that teachers under the age of 31 and over the age of 50 are more likely to leave the profession than teachers between those ages and that teacher retention rates are lower in schools with high percentages of free- or reduced-price lunch-eligible students.

2015 State Teacher Policy Yearbook

The National Council on Teacher Quality’s ninth annual teacher policy yearbook presents evaluations of policies in all states in teacher policy areas, including teacher retention, expanding the teaching pool, and professional development.

A Foot in the Door: Exploring the Role of Student Teaching Assignments in Teachers’ Initial Job Placements

This working paper from the Center for Education Data and Research presents findings about the teacher hiring process from a study analyzing data from Washington state on prospective teachers and student teaching assignments. The study found that the location of student teaching assignments is predictive of first teaching positions, and that more qualified student teachers tend to take student teaching assignments in more advantaged districts, which could impact the inequitable distribution of highly effective teachers.

Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2015

Developed by a consortium of national school leader organizations, this publication takes a new look at the education leadership landscape and presents new professional standards to guide educational leaders as they work to improve student outcomes.

Teacher Evaluation in Chicago

This report by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research finds that Chicago Public Schools teachers with low-end scores on Recognizing Educators Advancing Chicago’s Students (REACH), Chicago’s new teacher evaluation system, are overrepresented in schools with the most high-need students while highly evaluated teachers are overrepresented in low-poverty schools. The report also finds that schools with better organizational and learning climates attract teachers with higher REACH scores, even in high-poverty schools.

Examining the Early Impacts of the Leading Educators Fellowship on Student Achievement and Teacher Retention

This study presents findings from a preliminary analyses of the Leading Educators Fellowship, a professional development program for highly effective, experienced teachers intended to improve retention rates of teachers in high-need schools and boost student outcomes. This study looks at early analyses of the impact of program fellows and those mentored by fellows on student achievement and teacher retention rates in Louisiana and Missouri.

Career Paths of Beginning Public School Teachers

This brief presents findings from a five-year study of 1,990 public school teachers who began teaching in 2007–08. The study found that teachers were more likely to stay in the profession if they had a mentor and participated in an induction program in their first year, earned a base salary in excess of $40,000, or taught in schools where the population eligible for free or reduced-price lunch (an indication of a high-need school) was below 50 percent.

Developing Excellent School Principals to Advance Teaching and Learning

Working from the premise that effective principals play an important role in improving student outcomes by creating a positive work culture, this report looks at actions that state policymakers can take to ensure all schools have excellent principals. The report examines the policies, policy levers, and contextual factors that states should consider as they identify and determine state policy priorities for developing and supporting excellent principals.

Hidden Costs Associated with Conducting Layoffs. The Impact of RIFs and Layoffs on Teacher Effectiveness

Using data from Los Angeles Unified School District and Washington state, this report seeks to quantify the impact of layoffs on teacher productivity. The report finds an association between the impacts of the layoff process and decreased productivity, and concludes that this is a result of teachers’ uncertainty about the layoff process and their perceived lack of job security.


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