Case Studies

Improved Professional Development Through Teacher Leadership

This report evaluates the potential of a professional development model in which excellent teachers gave formal presentations traditionally delivered by non-district experts to develop other teachers. The study found that teachers received the training positively, reporting increased collaboration, effectiveness, and perception of the presenters as leaders within the district.

2016–2017 Delaware Teacher Leader Pilot: Pilot Overview

This overview from the Delaware Department of Education describes the state’s new teacher leader program, which is set to begin in Delaware schools during the 2016–17 school year. The overview includes descriptions of five teacher leader roles created for the program, with definitions of school, district, and state roles and a planning and implementation timeline.

Building Bridges: Connecting Teacher Leadership and Student Success

Leading Educators has partnered with schools to help develop more than 900 teacher leaders since 2008. This report uses focus groups, interviews, and surveys with these teachers and their principals to establish connections between teacher practices and student outcomes. Three main areas of success are identified: developing priorities aligned with the school and setting measurable goals, identifying a cohesive team, and agreeing on schedules that enable teacher leaders to fulfill their leadership responsibilities. 

Untapped: Transforming Teacher Leadership to Help Students Succeed

This report examines promising early results from the Emerging Leaders selective teacher leadership program run by New Leaders; it argues that appropriate preparation strategies and clear expectations must be in place for teacher leaders to be most effective.

Career Pathways, Performance Pay, and Peer-Review Promotion in Baltimore City Public Schools

This case study from the Harvard Business School considers the teacher contract implemented in Baltimore in 2012 under Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Andres Alonso. Teachers have a four-tier career pathway that links performance to pay and promotion. Teachers can move into teacher-leader roles by collecting “achievement units” or completing peer-reviewed projects.

Developing School Leaders: What the U.S. Can Learn From England’s Model

Recent reforms in England’s school system have led to the distribution in state schools of leadership responsibilities across administrators and teachers. Middle-level teacher-leaders are curriculum experts who lead teams of teachers, offering instructional support and taking accountability for the performance of the team and its students.

Building a Lattice for School Leadership

This report offers an international perspective on teacher leadership, focusing on reforms within England’s school system. The reforms led to three leadership levels, including middle-level teachers who take responsibility for teaching and leading in a grade level or cluster, or subject area.

Teach to Lead

The U.S. Department of Education created this initiative to spur teacher leadership. The website includes resources and examples of teacher leadership.

Multi-classroom Leader

In this case study, Public Impact profiles a multi-classroom leader in his first year working with math and science teachers in Charlotte, North Carolina. The interview provides a three-dimensional view of the expectations, roles, and challenges of lead teachers.

Career Pathways Let Top HISD Teachers Lead Without Leaving the Classroom

This brief program description from the Houston Independent School District (HISD) profiles how its career pathways program encourages top teachers to stay in the classroom and enhance student learning.


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