Detailed Role Descriptions

Teacher Development: Lead Teacher Program

This resource from the New York City Department of Education describes how lead teachers in New York City take on increased job responsibilities for more pay. Lead teachers spend half their time leading other teachers’ professional learning and half their time teaching in their own classrooms. 

Redesigning Schools: Models to Reach Every Student With Excellent Teachers

Public Impact describes the responsibilities of a multi-classroom leader in an Opportunity Culture, and how teachers in this role lead teaching teams to improve student learning. Excellent teachers also can teach on teams, specialize in their best subjects, and use blended-learning models.

Task Force on Teacher Leadership and Compensation

This final report by an Iowa Department of Education task force outlines a new teacher compensation system that includes new positions within an overall teacher career ladder: apprentice, career, mentor, and master teachers. 

Leadership Initiative for Teachers (LIFT) - District of Columbia Public Schools

The District of Columbia Public Schools Leadership Initiative for Teachers (LIFT) is a five-stage career ladder that provides high-performing teachers with opportunities for advancement within the classroom. 

Professional Development Facilitator Talent Pool K-8

This Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools webpage for job candidates lists the required qualifications for professional development facilitators.

Instructional Coaches

This job description from the District of Columbia Public Schools explains what is expected of an instructional coach.

Public Schools of North Carolina: Curriculum Instructional Specialist

This sample job description from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction includes typical job responsibilities and hiring criteria for curriculum specialist positions. 

Curriculum and Instruction Specialist Job Description and Career Outlook

This general Web resource on finding a career in education provides information about curriculum specialist positions, including typical job requirements and responsibilities. 

Template for Creating Grade-Level Chair Job Description

This resource produced by the Boston Plan for Excellence provides sample job descriptions for hiring grade-level chairs for Boston schools.

Grade Level Chairs, Department Chairpersons and Team Leaders

This sample job description from Miami-Dade County Public Schools includes job responsibilities and hiring criteria for grade-level chairs, department chairs, and team leaders. 


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