Extending the Reach

Giving Every Student Access to Excellent Teachers: A Vision for Focusing Federal Investments in Education

In this report, the Center for American Progress and Public Impact outline four concrete actions that the federal government can take to expand student access to excellent teachers.

Blended Learning and the Teaching Profession

This infographic, released by Digital Learning Now, explains how blended learning creates not only new opportunities for students but also new career opportunities and improved conditions for teachers. The infographic lists 10 benefits of blended learning for teachers, including more leadership roles, more earning power, extended time with students, and team teaching.

A Better Blend: A Vision for Boosting Student Outcomes With Digital Learning

Blended learning that combines digital instruction with live, accountable teachers holds unique promise to improve student outcomes dramatically. This brief explains how schools can use blended learning to encourage improvements in digital instruction, transform teaching into a highly paid, opportunity-rich career that extends the reach of excellent teachers to all students and teaching peers, and improve student learning at large scale. Public Impact calls this a “better blend”: combining high-quality digital learning and excellent teaching.

Digital Learning Day Showcases

The Digital Learning Day promotes the use of technology to support K–12 teachers in public schools. Through this initiative, the Alliance for Excellent Education draws attention to the successful technological innovation in classrooms across the country. The first Digital Learning Day touched the lives of 2 million students through tens of thousands of educators. Entrepreneurial districts and schools that have been particularly successful with technological teaching methodology are brought to center stage at this event.

Blended Learning Universe

The Clayton Christensen Institute, whose mission is to apply “disruptive innovations” to develop and promote solutions to the problems of K–12 education, maintains a database that profiles and presents data about schools implementing blended-learning programs nationwide. You can search for school profiles by different characteristics of the blended learning program, such as focus, type of blended learning model, blended subjects, or education tech tools used. 

SmartBrief on EdTech

SmartBrief is a news aggregator that provides daily news briefs tailored to several topic areas, including education technology. This daily news dose provides information on all things involving digital learning.

THE Journal K–12 Educational Technology News

THE Journal is an education technology news website whose focus is on “transforming education through technology.” This resource provides up-to-date news on education technology research and innovations around the country.

Next Generation Learning Challenges Grantees: Profiles of Breakthrough Models Designs

The Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLCs), sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, profiled the 20 grantees of its third wave of grant funding, Breakthrough School Models for College Readiness. The profiles provide a snapshot of these 20 next-generation blended school models at their inception and include overviews of the tools the grantees plan to use and the populations they will serve.

Infographic: Extending the Reach of Excellent Teachers—Video Parts 1 and 2: "Paying Teachers More—Within Budget"

This Public Impact video explains how excellent teachers can close achievement gaps, and why schools must reach more students with these teachers. It also introduces new models that let schools pay teachers up to 40 percent more and teacher-leaders up to 130 percent more, within budget. 

Teacher Career Paths

This Public Impact webpage provides information on how school models that extend the reach of excellent teachers to more students can create new roles that enable teachers and paraprofessionals to pursue a variety of career paths.


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