Federal Funding

Giving Every Student Access to Excellent Teachers

This report from the Center for American Progress and Public Impact discusses how the federal government could play a critical role in expanding every student’s access to excellent teaching. In the process, federal policies also could help transform teaching into a profession that attracts and keeps more talented people and provides rich opportunities for on-the-job development and sustainably paid advancement for all teachers. 

Funding Sources for Educator Professional Development

This ASCD resource concisely lists existing federal programs that support professional development. It briefly describes whether funds are distributed based on formulas that vary according to program requirements, or whether they are available through competitive grant programs. 

Federal Programs for PreK–12 Teachers

The New America Foundation developed this resource to provide detailed information and links about federal funding programs for PK–12 teachers. These grants range from large, comprehensive federal grants to smaller grants that teachers can apply for individually. 
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