Job Candidate Selection Methods

Evaluating Job Applicants: The Role of Training and Experience in Hiring

The U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board wrote this report to the president and Congress to help federal agencies improve how they assess job candidates. In addition to summarizing existing research on the effectiveness of various assessment methods, the report examines how training and experience is assessed, identifies challenges in obtaining accurate and useful information from applicants, and provides strategies for improving such assessments.

The Employment Interview: A Review of Current Studies and Directions for Future Research

This research review examines studies on the effectiveness of employment interviews in predicting future job behavior, including candidate and interview factors that may affect the interview process.  

Attracting and Selecting: What Psychological Research Tells Us

This article reviews research on the selection tools and recruitment strategies that work, and which staffing and recruiting methods lead to positive applicant perceptions. It reviews the gaps in knowledge and implementation in these areas.

Selection Assessment Methods: A Guide to Implementing Formal Assessments to Build a High-Quality Workforce

This report from the SHRM Foundation turns research findings and expert opinion into specific advice on how to conduct effective human resource practices, including selection of successful candidates.
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