Leading Teacher Teams

The Skillful Team Leader: A Resource for Overcoming Hurdles to Professional Learning for Student Achievement

This book by the director of teacher leader development at Teach Plus focuses on solutions for teacher leaders to common problems they may encounter in building a team that improves student learning. 

The Power of Teacher Teams: With Cases, Analyses, and Strategies for Success

Through a series of case studies as well as protocols for analyzing the cases, the authors of this book about leading teacher teams provide detailed information about various strategies that they have seen work in the field, including how teacher leaders can support active participation, grow meaningful team roles, and set clear performance expectations.  

The Co-Teaching Book of Lists

This book about how to successfully negotiate a coteaching relationship includes several strategies that are relevant for teacher leaders. Topics include establishing roles and responsibilities, delegating tasks, goal setting, negotiating conflicts, and addressing scheduling issues. 

How Teachers Lead Teachers

After observing teacher leaders lead several hours of professional learning with their colleagues, the authors of this article report on their findings regarding effective strategies that teacher leaders can use when they facilitate the professional learning of their colleagues. The article outlines the relative success of a variety of strategies, such as using humor, including teachers from all content areas, and giving participants a chance to practice their new learning.
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