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Curriculum and Instruction Specialist Job Description and Career Outlook

This general Web resource on finding a career in education provides information about curriculum specialist positions, including typical job requirements and responsibilities. 

T3 Turnaround Teacher Teams

Teach Plus, an advocacy organization dedicated to keeping high-performing teachers in the classroom, has a program that recruits, develops, and supports highly effective, experienced teachers to serve as teacher leaders in low-performing schools. This Web resource describes the eligibility criteria, application process, and roles and responsibilities of master teachers in its T3 program. 

Multi-Classroom Leadership

As part of its Opportunity Culture initiative, Public Impact has developed detailed descriptions of several school models that enable excellent teachers to reach more students for more pay, within budget, in high-accountability and high-authority roles. This Web resource describes how teachers in one of these models, Multi-Classroom Leadership, are able to lead teams of other teachers to reach the leaders’ standards of excellence. It also provides several examples of schools that have used Multi-Classroom Leadership. 

Teacher-Leader Role Descriptions

This resource  from Public Impact provides an overview of standard teacher leader roles as well as a checklist for the characteristics of a teacher leader job. Districts planning to adopt teacher leader roles can use these as a guide to designing their own leadership roles.

Teacher-Led Professional Learning website

This website, developed by a team from the Pahara-Aspen Teacher-Leader Fellows, offers overviews and links to resources from schools, districts, and support organizations to help teachers and their schools, unions, and districts design high-quality collaborative, job-embedded, teacher-led professional learning that leads to better student learning.

Prioritizing Leadership: New Leaders Federal Policy Platform

This webpage, published by New Leaders, includes a series of briefs that encourage a greater focus on school leadership at the federal level. The five-part series encourages policymakers to consider how various policies will impact a principal throughout his or her career. The briefs focus on creating a shared vision of leadership, pipeline development, preservice preparation, evaluation and management, and retention and rewards.

A New Civil Right: Reaching All Students With Excellent Teaching

This Opportunity Culture webpage, created by Public Impact, provides scenarios and materials for use by district administrators (as an exercise in rethinking the standard school set-up) and professors in business, public policy, education schools, or teacher or leader preparation programs (as resources that can be used in their classrooms). Scenario planners assume the role of a school principal who must develop a plan to give all students access to excellent teachers. The principal has no access to additional funding and can only use excellent teachers who already work at the school.

Blended Learning Universe

The Clayton Christensen Institute, whose mission is to apply “disruptive innovations” to develop and promote solutions to the problems of K–12 education, maintains a database that profiles and presents data about schools implementing blended-learning programs nationwide. You can search for school profiles by different characteristics of the blended learning program, such as focus, type of blended learning model, blended subjects, or education tech tools used. 

SmartBrief on EdTech

SmartBrief is a news aggregator that provides daily news briefs tailored to several topic areas, including education technology. This daily news dose provides information on all things involving digital learning.

THE Journal K–12 Educational Technology News

THE Journal is an education technology news website whose focus is on “transforming education through technology.” This resource provides up-to-date news on education technology research and innovations around the country.


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