Building a Coalition

Ensuring Equitable Access to Great Teachers and Leaders

Under the federal Excellent Educators for All initiative, state education agencies—in consultation with district leadership, school leadership, teachers, parents, and community stakeholders—are charged with developing comprehensive statewide educator equity plans to ensure that all students have equitable access to effective educators.

Leverage Communication Channels

Leverage support through effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders for successful completion of the plan. 

Hold Annual Stakeholder Meetings to Review Equitable Access Issues

With program faculty and staff, share and discuss annually collected data on the placement, retention, and performance of the program’s graduates, especially those graduates placed in high-need schools. If equitable access problems are evident from the review, determine the sources of high attrition and poor performance. 

Integrate Equitable Access

Integrate a focus on equitable access to great teachers and leaders, emphasizing the root causes, and potential solutions into your educator preparation program curriculum. 

Consider All Stakeholder Perspectives

Listen to a variety of perspectives on this issue, including the concerns of stakeholders who disagree that inequitable access to great teachers and leaders must be addressed, and consider the validity of their concerns. 

Collaborate With Regional Support Centers

Collaborate with your regional center, regional equity assistance center, regional educational laboratory, or the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders on these strategies. 

Highlight Best Practices

In the states with which you work, inquire about school districts that are leaders in equity issues, and highlight and celebrate their work. 

Disseminate Information on Local Inequities

Create and disseminate a fact sheet or infographic that describes inequities in your region or state.


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