Aligning Leadership Standards to the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders: A Toolkit and Crosswalk

Is your state considering a transition to the new Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL)? Developed in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers, this toolkit and crosswalk offers state education agencies, leadership preparation programs, and other organizations a step-by-step process for aligning their current leadership standards to the PSEL. The toolkit and crosswalk can help you answer critical questions:

  • How do the new PSEL standards differ from the standards currently in use?
  • Do the new standards contain expectations for school leaders that are not in the leadership standards currently used?
  • Are there areas represented in the current leadership standards that no longer need to be included?

The toolkit and crosswalk follow a defined, systematic process known as “standards alignment” to compare one set of standards—in this case, the PSEL—to one or more different sets of standards.