Competencies for Turnaround Success Series

The resources in Public Impact’s Competencies for Turnaround Success series are designed to help district officials identify and hire the right leaders and teachers for this demanding role. These resources clarify the most critical competencies—or patterns of thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting—that enable people to be successful in attempts to transform schools from failure to excellence quickly and dramatically. The series includes two guides that describe the most critical turnaround competencies. The leader guide provides competency definitions, school examples, and detailed levels of increasingly effective competence. The teacher version provides competency definitions and school examples only. Public Impact also developed two companion “toolkits” that can be used as step-by-step guides by districts and other organizations seeking to hire individuals to serve as turnaround principals or teachers. The toolkits include detailed levels of increasingly effective competence, selection questions, guidance on how to conduct interviews that reveal information about competencies, and scoring rubrics.
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