Creating Coherence: Common Core State Standards, Teacher Evaluation, and Professional Learning | October 2013

Cover of briefEver feel like education reform efforts are pulling your educators in too many, often opposing directions? In this special issues brief, authors Sheri Leo and Jane Coggshall lay out a suggested approach for creating meaningful coherence across three interdependent education reforms: Common Core State Standards, teacher evaluation, and professional learning.

Rooted in the GTL Center’s technical assistance experience and refined through piloting with state-level teams, Creating Coherence offers a recommended approach centered on identifying the connections between the Common Core and professional practice frameworks. The brief illustrates this approach with three nationally recognized professional practice frameworks used for teacher evaluation: Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, Robert Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model, and the Classroom Assessment Scoring System tool. Also, the brief describes the implications of this work for professional learning.