Evaluating Early Childhood Educators: Prekindergarten Through Third Grade

Early childhood educators play a critical role in preparing students for success later in their school experience. The instructional techniques, emotional supports, and assessment approaches for early childhood settings are different from classroom settings in later grades. How can states and districts develop evaluation systems that are tuned to these differences to ensure that early childhood teachers receive accurate and fair evaluations and feedback? 

Designed as an extension to the GTL Center’s resource, Practical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation Systems, this supplemental guide helps state and district teams to problem-solve and make design decisions to differentiate evaluation systems for early childhood teachers. 

This webinar, held January 27, 2015, featured:

  • GTL and CEELO authors, who presented on the development, recommended uses and expected tools from the supplemental guide.
  • Key state leaders who discussed the challenges and successes their state agency has addressed when implementing evaluation systems for teachers in the early grades.

Watch the Webinar