Supporting State Efforts to Implement Comprehensive Teacher and Leader Evaluation Systems

TQ Center Workshop
January 25–27, 2012
Rosemont, IL


This workshop was designed to provide regional comprehensive center staff with increased knowledge of select topics related to the creation and implementation of comprehensive evaluation systems, with a special focus on principal evaluation and aligning evaluation and professional development. The workshop included sessions on the key components to designing comprehensive principal evaluation systems, lessons on principal evaluation policy and practice from early implementers, the alignment of professional development and evaluation and strategic communication. The workshop also included presentations on the state role in implementing evaluation systems, new and forthcoming TQ Center resources, strategic communication, ESEA flexibility waivers, and RCC experiences in helping states with teacher evaluation efforts.


" State Evaluation Systems: Implementation Challenges "
Laura Goe

Session 1
"Key Components in Principal Evaluation Systems Design"
Matt Clifford

Session 2
"Lessons on Principal Evaluation Policy and Practice from Early Implementers"
Nancy Sanders

Session 3
 "Aligning Professional Development and Evaluation"
Keitha Biggers  and Claudette Rasmussen

Session 4
"Supporting States in Creating an Educator Evaluation Communications Strategy"
Gretchen Weber

Session 5
"Lessons on Principal Evaluation Policy and Practice from Early Implementers"
Pat O’Connell Johnson and Chad Adelman