Teacher Leader Model Standards

There is a growing acceptance, indeed enthusiasm, among policymakers and education leaders for a heightened teacher role in leading a stronger profession. More than 60 colleges now offer master’s programs in teacher leadership. Smart, dynamic, motivated teachers fear stagnating in their growth, and teacher leadership positions provide avenues to pursue new skills and interests while remaining in the classroom. In May 2011, the first-ever Teacher Leader Model Standards were released in Washington, D.C., by the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium, with the goal of stimulating dialogue about the knowledge, skills, and competencies that teachers need to be leaders. Seven domains are covered in these standards:

  • Domain 1: Fostering a Collaborative Culture to Support Educator Development and Student Learning
  • Domain 2: Accessing and Using Research to Improve Practice and Student Learning
  • Domain 3: Promoting Professional Learning for Continuous Improvement
  • Domain 4: Facilitating Improvements in Instruction and Student Learning
  • Domain 5: Promoting the Use of Assessments and Data for School and District Improvement
  • Domain 6: Improving Outreach and Collaboration With Families and Community
  • Domain 7: Advocating for Student Learning and the Profession
Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium