Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy

The Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy (T4TLA) is a multiyear initiative supporting seven states and 14 school districts in aligning their equitable access and school improvement efforts. T4TLA supports teams in developing coherent and aligned talent management systems that attract, support, and retain excellent educators in the lowest performing, highest need schools and districts.

Why T4TLA?

Colorado Team, T4T National Convening, May 2015 (Photo Credit: WestEd) The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) emphasizes coordination among and between federal programs, and T4TLA provides an ideal opportunity to strengthen connections between talent management and school improvement systems at the state and local levels. The project is led through a partnership of seven federally funded centers: two national content centers and five regional comprehensive centers. Together, the partners provide strategic support, technical assistance, and access to content expertise to help T4TLA teams achieve a long-term vision to:

  • Create and sustain a pipeline of excellent educators to teach and lead in the highest need schools
  • Ensure that all students have access to excellent teachers and leaders

For more detailed information about the project, explore the content below or download the T4TLA Concept Paper.

T4TLA Videos

What is T4TLA?

GTL Center project lead, Dana Chambers, shares the blended learning technical assistance approach that grounds the project and regional and state team members highlight their experiences in the project working to improve teacher retention in high-need schools in their states.

T4TLA Activities & Impacts

Regional, state, and district team members from Indiana, Georgia, and Mississippi share about their team's projects aimed at improving teacher retention in high-need schools. Strategies included in these projects include stronger mentoring and induction programs, improved instructional leadership supports for school leaders, and expanded professional learning opportunities for teachers.

Story Map: A Quick Overview of T4TLA State Team and Projects

Story Map: A Quick Overview of T4TLA State Team and Projects

T4TLA Infographic

Collaborative Infographic

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Dana Chambers

Dana Chambers

Principal Technical Assistance Consultant, AIR
Deputy Director, GTL Center


Mary Peterson

Mary Peterson

Senior Program Associate, WestEd


Carol Keirstead

Carol Keirstead, PhD

Northeast Comprehensive Center