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What can states and districts do to better support paraeducators?
States and districts can do various things to better support paraeducators. The first way that they can do this is by providing the paraeducators a fair pay where they can work a full work week and not have to have multiple jobs to make ends meat. The second way that they can help paraeducators is by providing them paid PD opportunities to help them better be prepared to assist the teachers in running RTI centers and/or progress monitoring.

In what ways can districts and administrators provide opportunities for paraeducators to serve as extensions of teachers?
When a PD is offered to teachers, para-educators should also be invited to those trainings. Most of the time the training is offered to only the teacher, but if the teacher and the paraeducator were able to take the training together paraeducators would feel more empowered to provide us their opinion or questions on how to apply that new learning in the classroom.

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