Part 2. Diversifying the Educator Workforce Tools and Experiences from the Field

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Part 2. Diversifying the Educator Workforce: Tools and Experiences from the Field

July 28, 2021

This second webinar in a new series sponsored by the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center). In Part 2 of the series, participants:
  • learn from district leaders who have experience and insight into this cirtical work, and
  • share data tools to help guide the process to create pathways throughout the educator pipeline to diversify the educator workforce. 

Slide from webinar showing states currently using GTL Center Data Tool


Webinar Resources


  • Andrea Guiden, PhD, American Institutes for Research, Diversifying the Educator Workforce Lead, GTL Center
  • Etai Mizrav, The GTL Talent Development Data Tool 2.0: An Introduction
  • Betty Underwood, Improving Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Lansing, Michigan
  • Jamie Wilson, Diversifying the Education Profession in Reynoldsburg, Ohio




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