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Louisana's Teacher Leader Advisors

This program, established by the Louisiana Department of Education, provides opportunities for high-quality educators to facilitate in-person and virtual professional development, as well as help review and create instructional materials, for teachers in Louisiana who are new to the workforce.

Multi-Classroom Leadership in Special Education

Teachers with a record of high-growth student learning and leadership competencies, known as multi-classroom leaders (MCLs), teach part-time while leading small, collaborative teams of two to eight teachers in the same grade or subject. MCLs guide lesson planning, help teachers practice and prepare for instruction, coach and develop the team and individuals, and lead improvements based on data. This brief describes four examples of MCL teaching strategies to reach students who have disabilities—three examples in inclusive models and one example in self-contained special education classrooms.

Extending the Reach of Excellent Teaching

The infographic highlights how extending the reach of great teachers and their teams builds an “opportunity culture” in which all teachers and students can excel. In opportunity culture roles, great teachers choose to extend their reach to more students and support other teachers’ success, without increasing instructional group sizes.

3X for All: Extending the Reach of Education's Best

This report outlines strategies for extending the reach of high-performing teachers to more children while providing those teachers with multiple avenues for advancing their achievement and impact within teaching.

Understanding the Opportunity Culture Principles

The brief outlines five opportunity culture principles to implement sustainable and effective strategies for extending the reach of excellent teachers and principals to more students and teachers.