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Title Description
Job Design: An Integrated Approach to Creating Effective Teacher and Principal Leadership Roles

This brief, developed by the U.S. Department of Education's Effective Educator Development office, is designed to help grantees strategically analyze the job design of teachers and principals in order to create new or strengthen existing leadership roles.

Designing Effective Teacher Leadership Positions in Human Capital Management Systems

This report aims to guide districts, school leaders, and teachers to effectively design teacher leader roles in their school contexts in order to support professional growth and teacher retention.

Resources for Building Principals' Capacity for Distributed Leadership

This resource list aims to strengthen the role of teachers by providing guides to any organization interested in building the capacity of principals to distribute leadership roles with teacher leaders.

New Jersey Teacher Leader Endorsement

This program, established by the State of New Jersey Department of Education, provides in-service teachers with the opportunity to earn a Teacher Leader Endorsement through an approved program of study aligned with the state's Teacher Leader Model Standards.

Teacher Leadership Approaches and Strategies

This resource highlights three categories of approaches that states and districts can take to promote or support teacher leadership by examining nine different types of strategies for each approach. Each strategy features examples from states embedding the strategy into their approaches to foster teacher leadership.

Teacher Leadership & Collaboration in Denver Public Schools

This program provides ongoing professional development by positioning expert teachers as coaches within their school communities. These coaches conduct observations and give feedback to teachers in the school, while remaining teachers of their own classes as well.

Leadership Initiative For Teachers (LIFT)

This program, established by District of Columbia Public Schools, aims to retain high-performing teachers by creating opportunities for career advancement through a five-stage ladder. Increased financial compensation will be provided to teachers as they advance the ladder.

Increasing Teacher Leadership

This policy snapshot summarizes the literature regarding teacher leadership, including associated benefits and challenges, while also highlighting policy levers that can be used to improve teacher leadership opportunities.

Mitigating Teacher Shortages: Teacher Leadership

This brief outlines strategies to improve teacher retention and address shortages by providing teacher leadership opportunities to highly effective teachers.

GTL Center Teacher Leadership Toolkit 2.0

This toolkit includes a synthesis of research on teacher leadership, current examples, and useful tools for designing, implementing, and supporting teacher leadership initiatives.

District of Columbia Public Schools Leadership Initiative for Teachers (LIFT)

The Leadership Initiative For Teachers (LIFT) is a five-stage career ladder that provides high-performing teachers with opportunities for advancement inside the classroom, as well as additional responsibility and increased recognition and compensation.