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Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) Act Grant

The District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education intends to award $1.5 million in competitive grants from Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) Act funds for the public charter sector for teacher pipeline initiatives. The purpose of the SOAR Act grant is to improve school performance and educational outcomes and to provide facility funding to increase the number of high-quality public charter school seats in the District of Columbia.

Longwood University's Special Education Residency Program

Longwood University's Residency Program supports career switchers and provisionally licensed teachers while they earn their master's degrees in special education. The program provides RVE (Reading for Virginia Educators), Praxis, and VCLA (Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment) support as part of the program.

Louisiana Department of Education, Believe and Prepare Initiative

This program supports the Louisiana Department of Education’s effort to increase teacher readiness by providing yearlong residency programs for all candidates, support for rural communities, and professional development for mentor teachers.

Addressing Shortages of Educators in an Uncertain COVID-19 Landscape: Viewing Teacher Candidates as Assets

This brief offers examples of ways that teacher candidates can serve as assets in their field placements, both in person and virtually, helping to alleviate potential and ongoing teacher shortages in many content areas.

Policy Snapshot: General Education Teacher Preparation: Field Experience Requirements with Students With Disabilities

This policy synopsis summarizes states’ field experience policies for general education candidates and the extent to which they require experience with students with disabilities.

Learning to Teach: Practice-Based Preparation in Teacher Education

This special issues brief from the CEEDAR Center and GTL Center outlines essential features for providing candidates with high-quality, structured, and sequenced opportunities to practice within teacher preparation programs. The brief also showcases several teacher preparation programs wherein faculty have enacted innovative strategies to embed practice-based opportunities into existing coursework and field experiences.

Learning to Teach: Practical Examples

This series of briefs highlights innovative examples of teacher education programs that are providing their candidates with practice-based opportunities within coursework and fieldwork. Topics include structured tutoring; virtual simulation; lesson study; laboratory experiences; bug-in-ear coaching; video analysis; and coursework-aligned, field-based practice opportunities.

Learning to Teach: A Framework for Crafting High-Quality, Practice-Based Preparation

This framework and facilitation guide is intended to support educator preparation program faculty, teacher educators, collaborating P–12 partners, and university supervisors engaged in deliberate reflection and planning for effective, practice-based opportunities for candidates throughout coursework and field experiences.