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Title Description
The School District of Palm Beach County, TeachPalmBeach

TeachPalmBeach is a social media campaign that helps attract prospective teachers by highlighting success stories of local teachers who have made differences in their communities.


Created by Seattle Public Schools, #teachseattle is a campaign to raise awareness for local teaching opportunities and routes to certification. The campaign also promotes recruitment activities through social media.

Teach Strong

The TeachStrong campaign is a national coalition of more than 60 education organizations dedicated to modernizing and elevating the teaching profession. The campaign calls for states to invest in and develop policies that better recruit, develop, support, and compensate teachers throughout their careers.


Teach.org is a nonprofit organization operated by the U.S. Department of Education and Microsoft that provides information, guidance, coaching, and ongoing virtual support to individuals seeking options for educator certification.

Louisiana “Be A Teacher” Campaign

This campaign from the Louisiana Department of Education attracts high-quality educators by providing information about traditional and alternative pathways to teacher certification.

South Carolina “Dedication to Education” Campaign

South Carolina's "Dedication to Education" campaign provides guidance and resources to individuals interested in becoming educators. The South Carolina Department of Education launched an advertising campaign in 2018 via television, YouTube, and social media to improve the image of public schools and to attract teachers.

Texas Education Agency #IAmTXEd Campaign

The #IAmTXEd social media campaign, led by the Texas Education Agency, helps attract prospective teachers by sharing the ongoing success stories of Texas teachers.

U.S. Department of Education RESPECT Project

The U.S. Department of Education's Recognizing Educational Success, Professional Excellence, and Collaborative Teaching (RESPECT) Project engages teachers, school and district leaders, teachers’ associations and unions, and state and national education organizations in national conversations about elevating the teaching profession.