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Title Description
Teacher Retention: Reducing the Attrition of Special Educators

This professional learning module is offered by the IRIS Center to support school administrators and related personnel who aim to support the retention of special educators. This module offers various exemplars and resources, concluding with an end-of-module assessment.

Principals Pursuing Excellence (PPE)

This program, from the New Mexico Public Education Department, aims to support in-service teachers by empowering educational leaders to establish and monitor plans to create conditions for effective teaching in New Mexico schools.

Recruit, Select, and Support: Turnaround Leader Competencies

This professional learning module can help regional comprehensive centers and state education agency staff learn strategies to recruit, select, and provide ongoing support to school principals working in a turnaround context.

Coaching and Developing Turnaround Leader Actions

This professional learning module can help state and district teams understand the connection between turnaround leader competencies and the actions of successful turnaround principals and leadership teams and learn strategies for coaching and developing turnaround principals and supporting implementation of key turnaround leader actions.

Supporting and Retaining Effective Principals

This policy snapshot provides an overview of available research on principal impact and influences on principals’ career paths. The brief also identifies potential strategies that states should consider to reduce principal turnover.

School Leadership for Students with Disabilities

This Course Enhancement Module (CEM) on school leadership for students with disabilities is a compilation of resources intended for use in the development and enhancement of leadership education courses as well as for professional development programs for practitioners. This module addresses the dimensions of school and collaborative leadership necessary to foster collective responsibility for students with disabilities, including partnerships with parents and families. In addition, the CEM addresses the role of district leaders in supporting effective instruction for students with disabilities.

Principal Leadership: Moving Toward Inclusive and High-Achieving Schools for Students With Disabilities Innovation Configuration

This literature review and innovation configuration matrix can guide principal preparation professionals in the development of program content and courses that promote inclusive and high-achieving schools for students with disabilities.

The Role of Principals in Addressing Teacher Shortages

This brief from the Learning Policy Institute details how local and state policymakers can leverage federal ESSA funding to strengthen principal preparation and development.

Supporting Inclusive Schools for the Success of Each Child: A Guide for State on Principal Leadership

This online guide helps states establish a vision for and advance policies and practices that develop and support principals to lead inclusive schools. The guide identifies eight key strategies and supporting example actions that state education agencies can take to advance effective inclusive principal leadership across a principal’s career in partnership with districts and educator preparation programs.

Wallace Foundation School Leadership Knowledge Center

This website provides access to reports, briefs, and other resources summarizing the growing body of research and best practices for school leadership, with a focus on principal training, development, evaluation, supervision, pipelines, and policy.