Program Exemplar

Arizona Teach Camp

This program, aimed towards novice special education teachers, provides these teachers with day-long training sessions and ongoing year-long virtual and face-to-face professional development.

Iowa Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) System

Iowa's Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) System promotes retention by rewarding effective teachers with leadership opportunities and higher pay. The TLC system incentivizes educators to collaborate within their school settings and districtwide.

Florida Educator Certification Renewal Requirements

Florida's educator certification renewal requirements mandate that at least one credit hour of the six credit hours required to renew certification focuses on teaching students with disabilities.

Tiered Licensure Model in Minnesota

This webpage describes the requirements, development routes, and other policy considerations for Minnesota's tiered licensure system. The model ranges from a one-year provisional license (Tier 1) to a five-year comprehensive license (Tier 4).

Colorado Plan into Action Grant

The Colorado Plan Into Action Grant supports efforts to recruit and retain effective educators by providing $2 million in funding to 17 diverse collaborative projects throughout the state.

New Mexico's Pay for Performance Program

This program aims to reduce educator turnover by offering financial rewards to teachers and principals for their impact on student achievement as measured through the New Mexico Teacher Evaluation System (NMTEACH). Teachers in low-performing schools and areas with critical shortages are prioritized in this program.

Pathway to Practice NC

Pathway to Practice NC is a joint online program between NC State University and UNC-Chapel Hill, designed to help emergency licensed teachers on a residency/temporary license in North Carolina schools earn their teaching certifications in numerous subject areas, including special education. This program consists of seven modules that can be completed on flexible schedule.

Educators Rising

Educators Rising is a community-based model, in which chapters at schools feed teacher preparation programs at institutes of higher education with the support of state departments of education and local funders and foundations. These entities come together to provide a clear pathway to increase teacher diversity and teacher quality.

California Classified School Employee Teacher Credentialing Program

This program addresses California’s teacher shortage by offering financial assistance to classified school employees to complete an undergraduate program and earn their teaching credential.


This program aims to increase the number of male teachers and teachers from diverse backgrounds, particularly in low-performing schools, by recruiting diverse teacher candidates, offering loan forgiveness, establishing a cohort system for cultural and social support, and assisting with job placement.


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