Case Studies & Examples

You’ll Never Be Better Than Your Teachers: The Garden Grove Approach to Human Capital Development

This brief from the California Collaborative on District Reform considers how Garden Grove, a large urban district in California, implements a comprehensive system of human capital development using processes for getting great teachers and building teachers’ capacity, including through professional learning.

National Center on Time and Learning: Case Studies

The National Center on Time and Learning produced case studies of four schools that have used increased time for teacher-led professional learning to improve school performance. 

Charlotte, N.C.’s Project L.I.F.T.: New Teaching Roles Create Culture of Excellence in High-Need Schools

This case study shows how Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools implemented new Opportunity Culture models that extend the reach of excellent teachers to more students, for more pay, within current budgets. The study shows how new Multi-Classroom Leadership and Time Swap models provide more planning, collaboration, and coteaching time for teachers and teacher leaders.  

Promising Practices in Professional Growth & Support Case Studies

This set of case studies from Education Resource Strategies (ERS) profiles four organizations that have implemented a strategic approach to teacher professional growth and support. Each case study describes the mission of the organization, the strategies it used to find time for professional learning, and its performance results, program costs, lessons learned, and next steps.
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