Sample Schedules

Opportunity Culture Example Schedules for Rotation and Specialization Models

These example schedules from Public Impact show how schools can rotate their teachers’ time in subject-specific teams with digital learning or have elementary teachers specialize in their best subject or subject pair, such as math/science. Teachers gain professional learning and collaboration time from these models.

Establishing Time for Professional Learning

Learning Forward provides example schedules demonstrating various block scheduling options and ways schools have repurposed planning time, describing each school’s techniques for scheduling and their benefits. 

Designing Schedules to Support Professional Learning Communities

The National Association of Elementary School Principals presents options in this report to create time for professional development in elementary schools. It describes the reasoning behind these strategies and provides sample schedules demonstrating how schools create block schedules, use paraprofessionals, take advantage of events, reduce the school day, and expand time. 

All Things PLC

This general Web resource for teachers provides example schedules demonstrating various block scheduling options, including using paraprofessionals for lunch supervision. 
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