How Principals Use Multi-Classroom Leadership in School Turnarounds: Three Principals’ Experiences

This series of vignettes, with accompanying video from Public Impact, focuses on principals at three Opportunity Culture schools, profiling their use of the Multi-Classroom Leadership model that enabled them to create and lead teams of teacher leaders in their schools in Nashville, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

School Leadership in Action

This series of videos follows five exemplary principals to illustrate five key practices that are essential to shaping instructional leadership: shaping a vision of academic success for all students, creating a climate hospitable to education, cultivating leadership in others, improving instruction, and managing people, data, and processes to foster school improvement.

How Do We Get Experienced Accomplished Teachers Into High-Need Schools?

In an October 2014 discussion hosted by the Albert Shanker Institute, a panel of experts examined reasons that high-needs students are disproportionately taught by new, poorly prepared, and inadequately supported teachers who often leave the profession at a high rate. Experts also discussed relevant policy changes that might address this issue as well as ways to attract and retain highly effective teachers in high-need schools. 

Teacher Contract Database

This database compiles collective bargaining agreements and state policies for more than 100 of the largest school districts in all 50 states, and also generates customized reports by district. The database includes teacher contracts and policies, past and present, and a quick facts section for each district. 

Navigating the Ed-Tech Marketplace

This special report from Education Week, directed to school leaders, maps the current educational technology marketplace and takes a look at the fastest growing categories in the sector, including increasing use of online testing and virtual education. The report gives school leaders tips and advice on how to narrow down their choices and make wise decisions in the fast-growing world of ed-tech products and services. 

The Principal Story: Learning Guide

Based on Wallace Foundation research on what effective school principals do well, these five Web-based video learning guides use excerpts from The Principal Story, a documentary produced by PBS, to illustrate five key practices of effective principals. A facilitator guide is available on the website and offers ideas for using the tools, as well as links to supporting resources produced by The Wallace Foundation.

Teacher Retention: Reducing the Attrition of Special Educators

The IRIS Center at Vanderbilt University developed this five-part, online, interactive module to highlight how to best support—and therefore retain—special educators, with a particular focus on the key steps school administrators can take to create a productive and inviting work environment.

Teacher Induction: Providing Comprehensive Training for New Special Educators

This five-part, online module, created by the IRIS Center, highlights that administrative support is critical for new special education teachers and demonstrates how teacher support can boost effectiveness in the classroom.

Blended Learning and the Teaching Profession

This infographic, released by Digital Learning Now, explains how blended learning creates not only new opportunities for students but also new career opportunities and improved conditions for teachers. The infographic lists 10 benefits of blended learning for teachers, including more leadership roles, more earning power, extended time with students, and team teaching.


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