Increasing the Odds: How Good Policies Can Yield Better Teachers

This report, issued by the National Council on Teacher Quality, presents a summary of the current research that characterizes the attributes of effective teachers. The goals of this report are to help inform policymakers and to aid them in looking for new and improved ways to boost teacher quality and also to help schools understand that no policies or regulations can replace the need for schools to hire teachers carefully. 

Catalyst for Change: Pay for Performance in Denver Final Report

The Community Training and Assistance Center conducted a comprehensive study of the impact of Denver Public School’s four-year Pay for Performance pilot. Teachers at the pilot schools developed two annual student learning objectives (SLOs) and received additional compensation if they met their objectives. This study examined Denver’s SLOs including their substance, quality, and relationship to student achievement. 

Teacher Leadership as a Key to Education Innovation: Action Steps and Promising Strategies for State, District, and University Officials

This Policy-to-Practice Brief is intended to help regional centers and state policymakers as they consider expanded career paths for teachers as a vehicle for promoting teacher leadership and educator quality.

Leading Gen Y Teachers: Emerging Strategies for School Leaders

This research and policy brief, by the National Comprehensive Center for TeacherQuality, seeks to help state, district and school-level leaders more fully understand the Generation Y workforce, or those born between 1977 and 1995, so that they can better create a system of management and support for the ultimate goal of improvement in teaching and learning. This publication provides an overview of research on Gen Y, and, through this research, offers strategies that will help leaders ensure that they can provide support to the benefit of all teachers – Generation Y teachers especially.   

Recruiting Teachers for Schools Serving English Language Learners

As the number of English language learners (ELLs) continues to grow in a more diverse range of districts, education leaders will have to develop creative and comprehensive recruitment strategies to ensure that all ELLs in the district can be served by highly qualified teachers. This Key Issue includes strategies and resources that can help.

Teacher Hiring, Placement, and Assignment Practices

This publication, prepared by the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality, discusses the importance of effective teacher hiring and placement, with a specific focus on at-risk districts and schools. This resource offers strategies to help districts hire and place teachers in schools where they will stay and become high performing. 

Recruiting Teachers for Urban and Rural Schools

This publication focuses on teacher recruitment strategies that will better staff urban and rural districts, which are often hard to staff. Furthermore, this report, authored by the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality, examines ways to recruit the most highly qualified teachers. 

High-Quality Professional Development for All Teachers: Effectively Allocating Resources

This Research & Policy Brief is intended to assist state and district leaders in selecting professional learning activities that are worth the allocation of scarce resources. The brief summarizes current research and policy related to high-quality professional development, discusses factors that decision makers need to consider when making resource allocation decisions, and describes evaluation methods for professional learning activities.

Teacher Recruitment: Strategies for Widening the Pool in a Shrinking Economy

This Policy-to-Practice Brief provides examples of how district and state leaders can take advantage of the renewed interest in teaching during these challenging economic times. Particular attention is given to promoting the teaching profession as a way to improve the recruitment of highly effective teachers to high-need schools and subject areas.


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