Implementation Playbook

Start the process of implementation with this step-by-step tool designed to support you wherever you are in the implementation process. Use this resource to assess community awareness about your equity plan, identify a project leader and team to implement your equity plan strategies, assess current levels of implementation, clarify leading indicators of success, create a project management plan, and act on the plan.  

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Implementation Playbook Resources

Identify key audiences and messengers and effective communication strategies, develop key messages, establish a project management plan for communications, and monitor the effectiveness of your internal and external communications.  

Assess coherence across state policies and programs and determine if the processes of implementing these policies and programs are aligned with respect to funding streams, roles and responsibilities, data management, and internal and external communications. This tool also includes charts to track alignment.

Determine why some strategies worked and others did not and how to develop action steps to improve outcomes through a strong plan to monitor the implementation progress of your equity plan strategies.

Help districts implement elements of your state’s Equitable Access Plan as well as develop local Equitable Access Plans. Inside you will find information about data collection, stakeholder engagement, consideration of root causes, and appropriate strategies to address the root causes, as well as a template for local plans. States can also use our tips and strategies to create a collaborative approach to equitable access implementation with districts.