Leveraging Communication Channels

Select communication channels that allow your coalition to target key audiences and policy influencers. Social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, can be useful for finding and sharing information and resources and raising public support for issues related to equitable access. Online and in-person events, such as webinars, Twitter chats, conference presentations, or sponsored panels, can inform and build knowledge among coalition members, reinforce partnerships and collaborations, and provide opportunities for building shared understanding. Creating short print and online materials that highlight key talking points, facts, and policy decisions related to equitable access to great teachers and leaders is another communication approach to help raise awareness.

What Can I Do to Support Equitable Access to Great Teachers and Leaders?

Strategies to Consider

  • Establish Online Networks

    Create a shared online workspace to house equity material and other information relevant to your workgroup. 

  • Host Webinar to Raise Awareness

    Host a webinar to raise awareness about equitable access to great teachers and leaders in your region or state, and distribute related information to participants. 

  • Leverage a Variety of Communication Channels to Highlight Effects of Distribution Issues

    In written and oral communication through strategic venues and by high-profile leaders, highlight the effects of inequitable access to great teachers and leaders on educational outcomes.

  • Leverage Educator Preparation Program Screening and Recruitment Partnerships

    Develop candidate screening and recruitment practices, and leverage state and district partnerships to increase the likelihood that candidates will be successful in high-need schools and will be drawn to teach in them. 


  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg's 2010 Strategic Initiative

    In 2010, Charlotte-Mecklenburg (in North Carolina) prioritized the equitable access to effective teachers in the school district as a key objective in its overall goal of providing effective educators for all students. Specifically, the school district called for high-need schools to have teachers and administrators with the same experience and degrees for teachers in schools recognized as Schools of Excellence and Distinction. The strategic initiative was announced in the media; highlighted prominently on the district website; and referenced in presentations to the school board, community organizations, parent groups, and school-level personnel.