Supporting Principals Using Teacher Effectiveness Data

Teacher effectiveness data can help school and district leaders to make informed and evidence-based talent management decisions, but too many leaders lack the skills to use this data.

Building on research from Vanderbilt University, we created this module to help district and school leaders make better use of teacher effectiveness data. In this work session, participants can:

  • Learn how teacher effectiveness data can be used to inform strategic talent management decisions at the school level.
  • Strategize how to address barriers to using teacher effectiveness data
  • Practice using mock and actual teacher effectiveness data to analyze the strengths, limitations, and uses of different data sources.
  • Practice making decisions regarding hiring, staffing, teacher leadership and professional development using both mock data and their own district data.

This material was developed with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is designed to be used in three, two-hour work sessions; however, the material also can be combined into one, six-hour session. Presenters can adapt and customize the material to meet state and district context and needs.

Download PDF copies of each file below, or request copies of the materials in Microsoft Word format by e-mailing The GTL Center offers additional support for modifying the materials to suit your context.

Note on Adapting the Modules

The modules are designed so that facilitators can adopt them as written or modify the content to reflect state and local context, needs, and priorities.

If modifications to content are made, the GTL Center requests that the following disclaimer be included in the revised materials: The materials were modified in whole or in part with permission from the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders.