Texas Education Agency #IAmTXEd Campaign

The #IAmTXEd social media campaign, led by the Texas Education Agency, helps attract prospective teachers by sharing the ongoing success stories of Texas teachers.

U.S. Department of Education RESPECT Project

The U.S. Department of Education's Recognizing Educational Success, Professional Excellence, and Collaborative Teaching (RESPECT) Project engages teachers, school and district leaders, teachers’ associations and unions, and state and national education organizations in national conversations about elevating the teaching profession.

Understanding and Addressing Teacher Shortages in the United States

This report summarizes research on the effect of monetary incentives on teacher recruitment and retention and how compensation-based incentives can be used to address both subject-level shortages and school-level shortages.

Financial Incentives for Hard-to-Staff Positions

This report describes promising approaches to develop a “portfolio” of financial incentives, including performance bonuses, loan repayment, scholarship programs, and performance-based incentives, to boost recruitment and retention in hard-to-staff schools and subject areas.

Iowa Department of Education Teacher Leadership and Compensation System

The goals of Iowa's Teacher Leadership and Compensation System are to attract promising new teachers with competitive starting salaries, reward effective teachers with leadership opportunities and increased compensation, and foster greater professional collaboration between teachers.

Dallas Independent School District Teacher Excellence Initiative

This program combats teacher shortages by setting minimum starting salaries, offering supplemental earnings through critical shortage area signing initiatives, and providing visas to attract international educators.

Portland, Maine Professional Learning Based Salary Schedule

This article describes a collaborative effort between the Portland Educational Association and Portland Public Schools to negotiate a salary schedule that rewards teacher participation in a wide variety of professional learning opportunities.

North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program

The North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program is a competitive, merit-based forgivable loans for service program that provides up to $4,125 a semester ($8,250 a year) for up to four years to highly-qualified students committed to teaching special education or a STEM field in a North Carolina public school.

Kentucky Department of Education Traineeship Program for Special Education

The Traineeship Program allocates federal professional development funds to provide tuition assistance for special educators and preschool teachers to obtain certification in the area in which they are teaching. A major focus of the Traineeship program is on teachers seeking alternative certification, emergency or probationary certification, and working toward full certification while enrolled in a Kentucky institution of higher education.

Arkansas Senate Bill 27 Teacher Candidate Loan Forgiveness Program

This bill establishes a program offering loan forgiveness to teacher candidates who enter multi-year service agreements to teach in Arkansas districts with critical shortages.


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