Montana Senate Bill 115

This bill addresses teacher shortages by increasing the frequency of annual stipends for teachers in the state of Montana, with additional financial incentives for educators who work in districts with critical shortages.

North Carolina Teaching Fellows

North Carolina Teaching Fellows is a collaboration between several North Carolina universities that aims to increase the pool of teachers serving in special education or STEM roles in North Caroline public schools. Participants receive up to $4,125 per semester for up to eight semesters.

Florida Critical Teacher Shortage Program

This report summarizes the effects of Florida's statewide program to increase the supply of teachers in designated "hard-to-staff" areas, such as special education, math, and science. The study found that the loan forgiveness component of the program was effective, but that the impact of loan forgiveness varied with the generosity of payments. When fully funded, the program reduced attrition of special education teachers by 12.3 percent, but did not have a statistically significant impact when funding was substantially reduced.

Colorado Educator Loan Forgiveness Program

This program, established by Colorado Senate Bill 19-003, offers loan repayment for educators who complete qualified educator preparation programs and serve in rural districts, or serve in a content shortage area as defined by the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

State of Washington Professional Educator Standards Board Grow Your Own Pilot Program

This pilot program supports several districts in the state of Washington to build an educator workforce that is representative of their student populations.

New Mexico Higher Education Department’s Grow Your Own Teachers Act

This program supports New Mexico's "Grow Your Own Teachers Act" by providing scholarships for educational assistants in public schools to pursue teaching certification through an educator preparation program.

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: A Resource Guide To Creating Your Own Teacher Pipeline

This resource guide outlines core elements, considerations, and tools to help Missouri districts create Grow Your Own models aimed at recruiting and supporting students to become teachers in their home district.

North Kansas City District Partnership with Northwest Missouri State University to Establish Grow Your Own Program

This article describes the efforts of North Kansas City School District to combat teacher shortages by partnering with a local university to establish a Grow Your Own program aimed at recruiting high school students to pursue teaching licensure.

University of Central Missouri Paraprofessional to Certified Teacher Program

This program established a partnership between the University of Central Missouri and four Missouri school districts to provide paraprofessionals with opportunities to obtain a degree in education while continuing to work full time.

Texas Education Agency Grow Your Own Grant Program

This grant program helps local education agencies in Texas establish Grow Your Own programs with a focus on developing high-quality education and training courses at the high school level to increase the recruitment pipeline and attract diverse teacher candidates.


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