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The Case Against Quality-Blind Teacher Layoffs: Why Layoff Policies That Ignore Teacher Quality Need to End Now

Research conducted over time has shown that teacher quality is a key factor in improving student outcomes, but in many states schools are legally required to base layoff decisions on the length of service of their teachers. This report by TNTP makes the case for basing teacher layoff decisions on performance, not on the length of service.

Churn: The High Cost of Principal Turnover

This report by the School Leaders Network focuses on the need to prioritize principal retention and suggests shifting focus from creating a strong leader pipeline to addressing retention issues directly, such as providing principals more support and development. The report details the negative impacts that principal turnover or “churn” has on student outcomes and suggests ways to improve principal retention.

Building Effective Teacher Residencies

This report by Urban Teacher Residency United examines the important role that teacher residency plays in the teacher preparation process. Driven by research showing that teacher residencies are improving both student outcomes and teacher retention in rural and urban schools, the report takes an in-depth look at two Urban Teacher Residency United programs run by Aspire Public Schools and Denver Public Schools. 

Leading From the Front of the Classroom: A Roadmap to Teacher Leadership That Works

This report by the Aspen Institute argues for a shift in school culture, making a case for the redistribution of leadership tasks to teachers. The strategy, aimed at teacher retention, offers teachers opportunities to participate in more leadership activities, thereby increasing their potential to move up the career ladder and ease the workload of the school principal. Profiles of innovative initiatives at school, district, and state levels are included.

Excellent Educators for Each and Every Child

Starting from the premise that teachers and school leaders have the greatest influence on student outcomes, this report presents strategies for recruiting teachers and principals and ensuring opportunities for professional growth and leadership development.

The Cost of Teacher Turnover in Five School Districts: A Pilot Study

This pilot study, which focuses on school districts in Illinois, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, finds that teacher turnover is costly and has a direct correlation with student outcomes in at-risk schools. The study includes a detailed analysis of recruitment, hiring, and replacement costs in five school districts.

Returns to Teacher Experience: Student Achievement and Motivation in Middle School

This North Carolina-based study explores the impact of teacher experience on student learning and concludes that greater teacher experience is correlated with improved student outcomes, both in terms of achievement and behavior, demonstrating that teachers learn on the job.

Career Pathways, Performance Pay, and Peer Review: Promotion in Baltimore City Public Schools

This case study focuses on an innovative teacher contract approved and implemented in Baltimore in 2012 under Dr. Andres Alonso, the CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools. The contract is accompanied by a four-tier career pathway that links teacher performance to pay and promotion. Within the pathway, teachers can earn higher pay by collecting achievement units or completing peer-reviewed projects.

Principal Attrition and Mobility: Results from the 2012–13 Principal Follow-Up Survey, July 2014

This report comprises statistical tables describing principal attrition and mobility, and was based on a sample of 7,500 public and 1,700 private schools. The report includes statistics on levels of education and the experience of principals as well as information on school climate and working conditions.

Teacher Contract Database

This database compiles collective bargaining agreements and state policies for more than 100 of the largest school districts in all 50 states, and also generates customized reports by district. The database includes teacher contracts and policies, past and present, and a quick facts section for each district. 


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