Leadership Strategies to Support Effective Teaching

TQ Center Workshop
June 2–3, 2011
Rosemont, IL


This workshop provided the opportunity for RCCs and state teams to learn about issues, research, and strategies related to the cultivation of strong school-level leadership as a critical component of a systemic approach to improving teacher effectiveness. Topics included creating high-quality leadership evaluation systems; empowering leaders to create strong teacher evaluation systems and linking those systems to meaningful, targeted professional development; and the equitable distribution of high-quality leaders across districts and states.


" Creating a Pipeline of Effective Principals at Scale: The Key State Levers "
Richard Laine

Concurrent Session 1
" State Policies and Examples of Best Practices in Principal Evaluation "
Steve Kimball and Alyssa Ford-Heywood

Concurrent Session 2
 "Leadership and Evaluation for Teacher Learning and Development"
Joellen KillionDarwin Spiller, and Kietha Biggers

Concurrent Session 3
" The Role of School Leaders in Ensuring an Equitable Distribution of Teachers "
Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt

Film Screening
 "American Teacher" is a feature-length documentary film, interactive online resource, and national outreach campaign to change how the best teachers are valued in our society. Academy Award–winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth, co-founder of 826 National Nínive Calegari, and writer Dave Eggers made, shaped, and distributed this historic work."

Plenary Session 1
Principal Evaluation: A State's Eye View and Working Session
Matt Clifford

Plenary Session 2
Teacher Leader Model Standards: The Impact on School Leadership
Katherine Bassett, Marguerite Izzo, Steve Gilhuley, Jack Dale, and Carol Riley