Module 8. Data-Driven Conversations to Improve Equitable Access Through Mentoring and Induction in High-Need Schools

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Module 8—Data-Driven Conversations to Improve Equitable Access Through Mentoring and Induction in High -Need Schools—offers a data-protocol and facilitation materials for holding data-driven conversations at the state, district, and school levels around tailoring mentoring and induction programs to succeed in high-need contexts. The module provides detailed steps and supporting resources for completing a multi-step process resulting a concrete action plan for creating a new mentoring and induction program or modifying an existing program.

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M&I Toolkit
Introduction to the Toolkit
Mentor Recruitment, Selection & Assignment
Mentor Professional Learning, Development & Assessment
Beginning Teacher Professional Learning & Development
The Principal's Role in Mentoring & Induction
M&I Supports for Educators of Students with Disabilities
Collecting Evidence of Program Success
Collecting Evidence of Program Success

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Support for Customizing the Toolkit

Request technical assistance support to access the Toolkit files as Word documents or to receive a one-on-one consultation with GTL Center experts to learn more about how your state can create strong supports for new teachers through comprehensive mentoring and induction. After completing the technical assistance request form, GTL staff will reach out to help your team identify and customize the right resources from the toolkit to achieve your state’s mentoring and induction priorities. 

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Data-Driven Conversations to Improve Mentoring and Induction in High-Need Schools: An Example from Hawaii

In early 2019, the Hawaii Department of Education (HDOE) and the East Hawaii Complex Area partnered with the GTL Center to use data from their mentoring and induction system to assess the quality and conditions for retaining teachers in high-need schools. Although the state administered a sophisticated statewide induction system and survey, they recognized a need for more targeted support for high-need schools.

The partnership developed a data-driven protocol for induction program improvement and piloted it through a one-day, data-driven conversation with local school leaders. This became the basis for Module 8 and resulted in an action plan that targets the improvement of mentoring and induction for teachers in high-need schools in East Hawaii. 

On this webinar, GTL and HDOE presenters share an overview of the pilot and the data-driven protocol and reflect on lessons learned.